Krakow Revisited

I am chuffed. Singapore‘s The Straits Times published my article for the first time yesterday. I described my return to Krakow (Kraków), Poland last year. There were new attractions, like Oskar Schindler‘s enamelware factory. The Czartoryski Museum relocated the Leonardi da Vinci painting, Lady with an Ermine, to Wawel Castle. Many other sights also remained familiar to me.

SG Travellers has reproduced the article along with the work of other ST contributors.

MANY years had passed since my first visit to Krakow. Judging by the crowds that flocked to see Poland’s second city on my second trip here, it looks like it is now firmly on the sightseeing map, and it is well deserved too…

The main market square is Europe’s largest, and its vast size comfortably accommodates the bars on its perimeter, the artists who perform daily and the visitors who come to gawk or simply while their time away. The chatter of people and the strains of busking violinists contrast with the stillness of human statues mere metres away. A break-dancing group I saw on my previous visit still performs in front of the cloth hall that stands in the middle of the square, and it still pulls a sizeable crowd…

The castle museum exhibits royal treasures, and due to the ongoing renovation of the Czartoryski Museum, it is also now home to Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady With An Ermine. I was excited to see the painting for the second time.  Compared to his Mona Lisa at the Louvre, visitors get more time and space to appreciate this masterpiece, even during the peak tourist season…

Tourists can stand in the spot where Liam Neeson, who played Schindler’s character, sends away a Jewish girl, or walk around the reconstruction of Schindler’s office and view the names of “Schindler Jews” on an installation. The factory stands as a powerful witness to man’s capacity for both altruism and evil.

Read the article about my return to Krakow in full HERE.

Plaque on the wall of Schindler's former factory.
Plaque on the wall of Schindler’s former factory.

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