Agoda promotions with ShopBack

If you’re one of my readers from Singapore, you’ve probably read one too many posts with travel tips that aren’t available to Singaporeans. While we can’t have them all, we do have travel promotions & sales with ShopBack. Nikki from Pink Tangent introduced me to the site when we were searching for accommodation ahead of TBEX in Bangkok earlier in 2015.

Using ShopBack and Agoda

ShopBack gives cash rebates when you sign up and make purchases with their partner merchants. There are 49 retailers under the travel section, ranging from airlines to travel insurance providers to accommodation booking services like Agoda. You could plan and book a whole trip through this site.

Clicking on the Agoda icon on any of the pages where it appears and it shows a list of Agoda promotions & discount codes. In addition to these, users also qualify for up to S$15 in rebates. It doesn’t sound like much… until you consider how much street food that can buy. (Aug 2017 update: The cashback rate is now 6%)

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Bangkok food
6 plates of stewed knuckles on rice? Sure.

With both the promotions and the rebates, I can often find better rates on Agoda, even for hostels. This was the case for us with The Blocks, a chic hostel along Sukhumvit. It’s also great for cities where even the cheapest accommodation is pricey (I’m looking at you, Christchurch).

Here’s a helpful video on the process, from the point you sign up to the moment you get your payout. Videos for other retailers can be viewed on their YouTube channel.

Tip: Once you’re redirected, stay in the same window throughout! It may mean logging in before you use the ShopBack link, or searching for the accommodation name directly instead of the entire city. The ShopBack mobile app (iOS/Android) makes it easier.

Enough time has passed for me to encash the rebate from our booking, so here’s a screen grab. Our stay at The Blocks cost us S$69 each, and because we made separate bookings through our own accounts, the entire rebate amounted to a 35% discount. I was pleased with the experience, which is why I was happy to write about it when ShopBack invited me to do so two months later.

ShopBack Cashout

If you’re eagle-eyed you’ve probably noticed that there are referral bonuses. As a reward for making it this far down the post, you can use my referral link.

Let’s hope we get more opportunities like ShopBack that make our trips more affordable!

I was invited by ShopBack to review the platform after my experience; the views described above are my own.

The featured image of The Blocks was taken by Guendeline Phoon of Welcome On Board. Follow the link to view the original image and her review.