These 10 Photos Show the Funny Side of Travel

Humour is all around us, whether it’s in street art, someone having fun on the job or a lucky moment, and there as’t been a lack of it whenever I’m away from home. From these photos you can probably tell more about what I find funny than what the people in these countries do.

He had to sing as if the outfit wasn’t eye-catching enough.

funny photos
San Diego

The Tate got its priorities right.

Funny sign

What’s scarier than a clown? A clown with horns and an apron.

funny graffiti

God’s own parking spot

funny carpark photo

Somebody knows what happened to the No. 150 bus.

Seattle Bus #150 schedule

Banksy: Love Triangle

Banksy's Love Triangle

If you swear at them they will vote?

funny photo voting

More swearing, with images this time.

funny swear

This quick look wasn’t quick enough.


VTEC kicked in yo.

VTEC kicked in yo.
Stewart Island

What funny things have you seen on your travels?

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