World Colours – Yellow (Sunset Edition)

The colour for April is yellow, and I thought I’d start with one of my favourite things to do when I’m cooped up in cattle class on the plane – watching the sunrise and sunset. Here in the tropics, glorious sunsets are not uncommon at the end of a blazing hot day, but the light fades too quickly. Sunrises are equally short and no less pretty. From 30,000 feet, however, the view and the colours are amazing.

Plane photos

Sunrise somewhere over Georgia.
Sunrise somewhere over Georgia, on the way to Amsterdam.

And this is sunset on a typically cloudy day in Europe – from a similar altitude.

London sunset
On the way back from London – what’s that in the distance?

Meanwhile, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean…

Sunset on the way to LAX. Can you now see why I love window seats?
On the way to LAX. Can you now see why I love window seats?

Sunset on earth

Winter sunsets bathe everything in a golden glow at 4 p.m. One doesn’t get much Vitamin D from basking in it but it’s very pretty.

Sunset over Lake Murray, San Diego.
Lake Murray, San Diego.

I have more photos coming up in part 2. In the meantime, enjoy Anne’s Indochina-inspired post at Part-Time Traveler! And why not join in the fun yourself? Just use the hashtag #WorldColors on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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