World Colours – Purple

Purple is a colour that I haven’t encountered very often, but when I do it’s often employed to great effect, especially by Mother Nature. I fear a flower overload, hence this post will seem a tad short compared to the others.

Banana flower and fruit. The former is an ingredient in a rare and spicy salad.
Wild lilac blossoms in Lahemaa, Estonia.

I was fortunate to celebrate the midsummer festival in the Baltics, and these are just a few of the beautiful costumes that dancers wear for the occasion.

Midsummer folk dance in Salaspils, Latvia

World Colors (or World Colours) is a little travel photography project which Naomi at Box 53b and Anne at Part Time Traveller started. Anyone is welcome to join in at any point, and even make backdated posts, by sharing their favourite photos based on the theme colour of the month. Just add the hashtag #worldcolors on Instagram, Pinterest or your blog.

There is also a Twitter account which tracks and retweets posts by various participants, and you can follow it at @WC_Project. Follow them for updates on the next theme colour.

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