The Umpteenth Post About Penang Street Art

I’ll keep this post short because many fellow bloggers have already written about Penang street art. However, every visitor will have a different experience. Few will see the works in the same order or interact with them in the same way. It’s also unlikely that one will see everything – even though there are paper and Google maps, these are not exhaustive. I have added a couple of them at the end of this post anyway.

For now, you can follow me and see the sights around George Town through my eyes. I learnt that it was more fun to capture the environs and not just the artwork alone.

penang street art
One of the more famous works by Ernest Zacharevic
Ernest Zacharevic Penang
All the people waiting to take a photo with it – at least it’s not as bad as the Mona Lisa
Julia Volchkova
Julia Volchkova painted this massive boatman just off Stewart Lane
Stewart Lane
I couldn’t find this on my map
George Town Armenian Street
You’ll find these three as you walk down Lebuh Armenian

George Town

Neko Penang

I Want Bao
You shouldn’t miss the egg tarts and salted egg pastries at Min Xiang Tai, which is located next to this piece.
Elephant tap
This one’s a little more subtle and near a fading depiction of Bruce Lee.
Ernest Zacharevic
Most people saw these two as separate works but I imagine they were meant to be complementary.
Penang Malaysia
Most of them also ignored the other mural behind them.
Busy Bodhi
Waiting for folks to buy drinks and coconut ice-cream at the Busy Bodhi, which is next to the boy on the chair.

Here are the maps that I promised. I found them by searching for ‘Penang street art Google map’, and I most certainly didn’t create them. This one is pretty comprehensive:

Even then it doesn’t cover everything. This one focuses on Zacharevic’s work, including those outside George Town:

Click or tap on the maps to expand and save them. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied no matter which route you take.

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