Things That I Have Lost While Travelling

Some people take old clothes and accessories on their travels to get rid of them; I do that and more without trying. I’m not just human. I’m terribly absent-minded. And even though (most) things can be replaced, it still hurts when it happens.

These are the things that I have lost or ruined:

  • The handles on a couple of suitcases. One came right off in Finland, and the other refused to retract into the trolley bag while I was in San Diego. Coincidentally, both incidents happened in winter…
  • Sunglasses that fit over my spectacles. My first pair went missing in Akaroa, then I misplaced its replacement in somewhere on a walk around Hobart.
  • I left a padlock on the locker door in a Glasgow hostel. Ironically I recall being sure that I’d left nothing inside.
  • A fancy clay jar of mustard from Cologne had to be discarded after my backpack took a tumble somewhere between Gdańsk and Jyväskylä. Thank heavens I kept it in a zip-lock bag but the smell wasn’t easy to get rid of.
  • A pair of ankle length socks were never seen again after I put them in my shoes in an Auckland hostel. I only hope one of the German girls in the room found them useful.
  • In my hurry to leave my host’s house in Ahipara I left my tumbler inside. There was no going back for it – he went to work, and I had to drive to Koutu and Paihia. My companion was equally miserable about leaving her flip flops on the roof of the car before we moved off.
  • I found a scallop shell bigger than my palm in Whangarei Heads. I was prepared to risk it at Australian customs on the way home, but it shattered well before I got a chance to.
  • The fiver that I paid a Hare Krishna member outside LAX for a book which I never read.
  • I left my camera on a bench near the Taroko Gorge visitor centre. I remember the panic on the bus when I realised it was missing – and the massive relief when I learnt that someone had given it to the staff. It went on to serve me for another two years before someone got seasick on it on the shark dive.
  • And goodness knows how many times I’ve lost track of time admiring landscapes and works of art.

Things I would not like to add to this list: Luggage, boarding passes and my passport.

N.B. The painting is my own work.

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