The Top 5 Things to do in Christchurch

On my recent return to Christchurch, fellow travellers told me what I initially feared: “There is nothing to see or do there now.” I went ahead anyway, and it wasn’t half as bad as they described. Yes, the city has changed dramatically since my January 2011 visit, but people have rebuilt their lives and got on with it.

I even found a job advising other visitors on the things to do in Christchurch. Most of them heard the same laments and had planned to stay only a night before rushing off to another scenic destination on the South Island. That’s barely enough to see the interesting projects that have appeared, such as Re:Start Mall and the Transitional Cathedral. I spent almost 3 months there, and I can tell you that it won’t be a mistake if you stay 3 nights or more.

So what’s there to do? Here are my favourites: [Read on]